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How to Find Land for Sale by Owner

Purchasing land can be a significant investment, especially for first-time buyers. While traditional forms of financing such as mortgages may not always be viable, owner financing offers an alternative. The process allows a seller to finance the sale of their land by taking a note from the buyer that is paid off over time. In this way, a buyer can often get a better deal on a piece of property than they would if they had to pay cash up front.

When looking for Land for Sale by Owner, prospective buyers can turn to a variety of different online listings platforms. Most of these platforms allow users to search for land based on their desired geographic area and specific asset type. However, with so many options out there, finding the right listings platform can take some research and trial-and-error.

One of the best-known land listing sites is LandWatch, which features a search tool for vacant land on its homepage. It also allows users to filter results by a variety of criteria, including price range and acreage. The website also provides a number of additional resources for potential buyers, such as tips for hunting land ownership and an overview of the legalities of buying land in the United States.

Another popular site that specializes in land for sale by owner is Lands of America, which is owned by the CoStar Group. The site has a simple, clean interface and features a variety of search filters for land, farmland, ranches, and rural properties. Lands of America also provides information on land conservation and preservation efforts.

New York State has a rich agricultural history, and its soil is suitable for growing a variety of crops. The state is a major producer of dairy and maple syrup, and it also boasts a robust wine industry with over 212 licensed vineyards. Its natural beauty is another draw, and it boasts 180 state parks, including the famous Niagara Falls.

In addition to private listings, the government’s Bureau of Land Management sells excess federal lands by individual sale. These are undeveloped tracts of land that are usually free of improvements. These parcels of land can be used for recreational activities, such as hiking and camping, or for farming or grazing livestock. The government also sells wetlands and other natural areas that are protected by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Commercial real estate professionals and investors can also turn to a number of other online land listing sites to find property in their desired region. Brevitas, for example, is a global commercial real estate marketplace that features both on-market and private listings in a variety of asset types, including land. Its premium plans offer team collaboration and contact management tools to help users make informed commercial real estate decisions. Other platforms include Lands of America, LoopNet, and Catylist.

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